Green Patch was started by a group of young girls who wanted to implement change within their communities.

  • They plant Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs.
  • They use recycled resources i.e. tires, pallets, wood.

By doing the above they will help sustain the nutritional needs of people within communities as there is a high imbalance of food security.

“We are also aiming  to implement this at schools so that the produce can be used to initiate a soup kitchen for the learners. When starting a green house patch at the schools we want the learners to be involved in sustaining it and looking after it as this will instill in them a sense of responsibility from a young age.” – founding member Galiema Rossie

“We believe this will bring about change in our communities in ways never seen before. Our ultimate goal is to alleviate poverty and unemployment in our community, and with the help of the community members we can make this possible.” – founding member Eemaan Sing-Lee

If you want to be part of this initiative and help people in your community please visit our contact page, fill out the online contact form and we will be in touch.